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Created on 27 November 2016

Just a quick update on the past year and a bit … I know I’ve been slacking on news at Studio 20 so apologies.

The Facebook group has achieved more than 800 members now, plus I’m now an active member of a group known as Essex Creatives Social. It’s very unlike any Camera Society or Club and is a bunch of ‘like minded’ photographers and models of all levels, who meet up on a monthly basis for a social beer or two … Good fun and lots of nice folk to network with face to face.

The studio gained a new 400w flash head to replace one of my Elinchrom, which, due to something falling from a shelf overnight, creating a ‘domino effect’, smashing both modelling and flash bulbs … The cost of repair was almost as much as the new iLUX GDS400 that replaces it, which is much more up to date, has more control, and despite needing Bowens mount attachments, is great value.

Nikon have also proved to have fabulous customer support with a quick turnaround, repair and service for my main camera.

Models have come and gone, as is usual in this business, but I’ve worked with some wonderful new talent as well as my favourites …

Just peeves me when you mentor someone over time, who decides to either fail to show or regards themselves too ‘big’ to continue working with you … Oh well, plenty more fish, as the saying goes ….

I shall continue to mentor, promote, help and encourage new models regardless, although sadly, it will no longer be from Studio 20.

The area it sits is due for re-development sometime in the next couple of years. I suspect by 2020 it will no longer be there, plus it's under-used, I have lost enthusiasm, have a slight health issue and am at retirement age.

It's an overhead that proves a little too costly to run simply as a hobby. Closing date mid January 2017

I’ve undertaken more location work too this Summer which has taught me loads. Confidence crashed with the last one where equipment failure resulted in a poor set of images but we had a wonderful shoot for Racheli Titan Designs, with Beth Chambers, at a windy Leigh on Sea, Essex.

I will continue our wonderful collaborations with 'Tommy Jordache Art’, (formerly ‘Indeedee Graphics’), based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The man is a genius and turns photographs into Digital Art retro style posters.

Digital Art ..... Collaborations with Indeedee Graphics DK on PurplePort

Ta ta for now ...

Created on 06 July 2015

Paul Harrison - BlogIt’s been so long since any updates to the site, it’s hard to remember what I may have already mentioned previously, so please forgive any repeats... I guess it’s easier simply to list stuff ....

The equipment bag has grown to include new bits including a 300mm Zoom plus a useful flash addition of a Nissin Speed light

I’ve worked again with some of my regular favourites and also, many brilliant newbie’s, even with a regular Daily Star page 3 lovely, Stephanie Warren.

There have been a couple of Actor portfolios I’ve helped create. Mark Ryder has gone on to do bit parts in the latest Mission Impossible, whatever number that is.

Other memorable shoots include a 12 days old baby boy, on his Dads trial bike, (set in my garden), and again in the studio, on his first birthday where we shot a ‘Cake Smash’.

There have been loads more theme Shoots together with MUA ‘Rare Candy’. Favourites Beth, Becky and Kayleigh helped create a ‘Fantasy & Fairy’ theme, so I was busy in the props department as well as shooting the images. Similarly, my ‘Saucy Circus’ was a success, with a real trapeze, a knife thrower and clowns etc. plus showgirls. We used around seven models over the 4 day shoot and Kayleigh worked her magic brilliantly. There’s been a ‘Super-hero’, a spoof Miley ‘Wrecking Ball’ shoot and some ’Retro vintage’ with the ‘Day of The Dead’ theme thrown in. I was fortunate to find somewhere for a bit of Urban Exploring, in derelict offices. Locations too and I have to mention ‘Flashdance’ based on the 1982 film trailer, became ‘Splashdance’ where there were no end of volunteers eager to get soaked with a bucket of water ... much fun ...

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Created on 23 April 2014

Lady Alice - Paul HarrisonSpring has sprung and I’ve been busy .... I’ve upgraded to a full frame DSLR as the D7000 was a tad limiting with my prime 85mm lens in my studio ... Seemed silly to have an expensive lens which was restricted due to studio dimensions when the switch to a Nikon D610 was a far more logical idea ... It takes a wi fi attachment too ... Impressed eh ? ... Simply means I can review my images remotely on my iPad

I’ve worked with some models again too ... and I’ve been mentoring a handful of prospective ‘togs’ at the studio where mainly lighting techniques have taken priority ... I must admit the youngsters seem to grasp it straight away ... One of the girls is going to be a great little model too ... I also have a keen law professional and a friend from eons ago using the place ... My old buddy was a full time studio owner but felt he’d lost touch and asked me for some studio time, a model and guidance ... The ever reliable Lady Alice obliged, (she gets a mention every blog I write), and he was soon back on track as if he’d never put his camera down ... I learnt a lot from all of them to be honest ... plus it was always great fun. My Buddy came to my aid in March too.

I’d shot a whole lot of images in Norwich on a 2 day visit and promptly lost it when I pressed a ‘delete’ button on my iPad, while uploading in my hotel ... I thought everything from the Cathedral and Norwich Castle had been an expensive waste of effort until my old buddy said Lexar did a recovery programme ... They produce SD cards amongst other things but I’d no evidence of purchase, however, they trusted me enough to give me the serial key enabling me to recover everything on my memory card ... Brilliant ... !

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