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Paul Harrison studioI bought my first 35mm slr (a Zenith E) in the early 70’s and progressed to a user friendly, manual Cosina a few years later. 

I was never much interested in landscape etc. and through the 80’s tended to specialise in glamour, with the philosophy that it was much nicer looking at a pretty girl than a pile of cow poo ...

My enthusiasm waned for many years and the only shots I took were of the holiday variety, although I was using, and still possess, an Olympus Mu compact.

I resisted the early advent of Digital, mainly due to the fact that I had all the lenses for my SLR and besides, digital would never catch on.

Until, that is, my son gave me a Fathers day gift … a Kodak Easyshare … Despite its 1 megapixel capacity, it was easy and gave passable snapshot results.

I bought a Minolta Dimage A200 (8 mega pixel) and my enthusiasm returned in full, enough, in fact to add the new Nikon DSLR and some excellent lenses ...

My ‘limited’ studio in my home has become too small so I now have a fully equipped studio, located centrally in Harlow, Essex. Photography has now become my full time occupation. Not before time, some would say.

I still take my camera on my travels whenever possible, pointing it in all directions, at all things. I’m not paying for film processing now … brilliant eh ?

I have also started building websites, so the combination of the two things have restored my original enthusiasm for the photographic art.